Art and Decorating Information

Displaying your Art Collection


  • Hanging a wall grouping of original art can add charm, beauty and especially mood and personality to your home probably more than anything else in the home. 
  • One can hang a grouping of various sizes of artworks on a wall or in a hallway, even above doorways and windows. 
  • You can hang oils, watercolors, pastels, and acrylics together on a wall. 
  • You can hang matted works behind glass alongside those in just frames. 
  • You can hang an art grouping above a sofa ... not just one singular painting. 
  • You can hang paintings in different frames together to add interest. 
  • Done right, it will present a mesmerizing wall display!  

Choosing the right frame


Below is a link to "The Artist's Network" and a great article on Framing that you may find helpful. My best advice is to use a reputable framer that  understands the medium you are having framed. 


The Fine Art of Framing

"Like the setting for a diamond, the frame around a work of art is the finishing touch, the element that completes and elevates a painting, presenting it to the viewer in its best possible light. Framing, however, is an art in and of itself" 

by Rosemary Barrett Seidner