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New: I will be teaching classes at Gallery Stratford again starting Oct 22, 2019! Please join me!


I will be teaching two classes at Gallery Stratford  starting Oct 22, 2019!

I will be teaching:

"Introduction to Drawing" 

(for ages 10-16)

"Pastel 101 - An Introduction to Pastel"

(for adults)

 For class dates, times, details and registration information check out www.gallerystratford.on.ca

or call the gallery at

(519) 271-5271


I also teach private and semi- private lessons. Message me for details. 


If you would like to be notified of my future course details, please send me an email through the link below and join my next class!

Art Group at Stratford General Hospital


I have developed and volunteer weekly to lead an Art Group in the 

Mental Health Unit 

at Stratford General Hospital. 

Art has many benefits which can include stress relief, positive emotions, improved problem solving and communication skills.

I love to share my love of art with participants to help them reap some of these benefits.


Teaching Experience

Teaching materials

  Semi- Private Drawing or Painting Lessons 

can be arranged on an ongoing basis. 

Schedule is flexible.

References on Request

Arts Alive 

Age:10-14 years

July 29-Aug 2

Drawing Skills and Exploration 

Gallery Stratford

Intermediate Drawing for Adults

March 28 - April 18, 2019

Gallery Stratford

Introduction to Drawing for Adults

January 2019

Gallery Stratford

Introduction to Drawing 

Age: 10 - 14 years

October 2018

Gallery Stratford

Tennis and Art Camp

Age: 10 - 14 years

July 2018 

Gallery Stratford

Connecting Generations

An Inter-generational Art Project bringing seniors and students together to explore art and conversations.

Jan 2018

Art for Alzhiemer's

Gallery Stratford


Art Group at Stratford General Hospital

I have developed and volunteer weekly at Stratford General Hospital to teach art in the Mental Health Unit so that I can share my love of art with patients struggling with mental illness